21 Januari 2017


The world will be within our grasp, because we have the knowledge and we have gained with effort and passion are very robust and scalable. Someone always wants to achieve everything and always upbeat with capabilities. My happiness in this case is groundless because it can be shared with all either directly or indirectly and ICT is a capital or intermediary in spreading the advancement of science, and we have gained in formal education is very important to help our thinking in informal education including vocational education , Getting a college degree for instance, kama should we have to be able to practice our knowledge and skills to others and progress ourselves. We gain knowledge from the experience of others and our own, mak be proved as much as possible to be accepted by society, including educational institutions. Among happiness itself because we willingly accept and give what we got and what we get, thank you for this opportunity may be useful and shared widely, hoping that the internet is also a social media becomes an intermediary for us to know each one of them for science not because widening the difference in social status, ethnicity, religion, and we are among our own shortcomings to become more powerful or powerless or other purposes that we can not control that ultimately our own terjelembab in passion that we never expected.
Mohamad Haris Mansur, S.Pd 
Physics teacher SMA Negeri 9 Kerinci 
Jambi, Indonesia

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